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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Truck Parts And Accessories

Everybody are loving trucks.  According to the Automotive News Data Center report released in 2007, more than 8.2 million of SUVs and trucks were sold.  Trucks are no longer for personal use, there are many small businesses that are investing on trucks for their work. Aside from investing on a well-maintained truck, owners find it as a pleasure to customize and personalize their trucks.  Thus, the sales of truck accessories were also rising.

Pickup trucks are light motor vehicles that are capable of pulling heavy loads.   There are several cars that can look like a pickup but are not really pickups.  Like the El Camino which is based on station wagon platforms, pickups allow the chassis to flex.  Vehicles like the pickup can have different names in different countries.  For example, in South Africa it is known to be bakkie.  While in Egypt it is often called as a “half truck.”

There are even sizes for pickups truck.  Most of the trucks in North America are full-sized which means that they are large and heavy.  There could also be mid-size and compact trucks which are smaller and were able to get their energy from the engines.

Almost all trucks would have similar parts.  Here are some parts of a truck:

• Chassis is the main structure of the truck.  Other automobile parts are connected to this.  To make sure tat the chassis is lighter, aluminium is used by some of the manufacturers.

• The truck cab, meanwhile, is where the driver is seating. The part of the car where the driver rests when not driving is called the truck-cab.  Truck cabs are with air conditioning, there are also great chairs that could make you really comfortable.

• The truck engine uses gasoline, primarily consumed by SUVs, pickups and in medium duty trucks.   Heavier truck engines would use a four stroke turbo intercooler diesel engine.

Aside from the pickup tracks basic division of parts, it would be common to see different accessories that go with the pickup.

• Grill guards are intended to protect the front of the pickup for any damage brought by impact or collision.  Aside from the protection that it gives to the owners and those who are riding the trucks, it also gives an aggressive look.

• Nerf bars are aluminium bars fitted on the side of the truck.  It is both a step and a protection for the rocker panels against damage.  As a step, it is easier to get into the vehicle.

• Headache racks are meant to protect your car from scratches because of transporting cargo. Since pickup are widely used for business, it is unavoidable  that the rear glass would get some nasty scratches when hauling of cargo.

• Driving lights are to increase or achieve better visibility when driving in dark highways and roads.  It could be placed on or over the rear so that you will be able to see better even when backing up.

There are too many truck accessories in the market and buying could really be difficult.  You just have to keep in mind that truck accessories are meant to increase protection of the pickup and its passengers.

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