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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Sight Of Truck Accessories

The customizing of various automobiles and other forms of vehicles like aircrafts and trucks has been considered as a growing industry. It has seen a lot of support and following through the years especially now that more and more forms of accessories and gadgets are readily available in the market. Practical and easy to follow methods are now being employed in order to provide owners an independent means on putting up cars and trucks that are personally designed.

There is presently a kind of art that is associated with the alteration of the physical form of a truck. It is known as Dekotora or Decotora which is the abbreviated term for Decoration Truck. It showcases different mechanisms that can be done on truck in order to improve its looks like using accessories in the ultraviolet and neon lights, attention-grabbing paints, and stainless or golden external parts. The entirety of the truck is designed from the cab down to the trailer. Hobbyists perform such art for fun or as decoration for a special event.

According to documentations, the popularity of this art form can be attributed to Toei’s Truck Guys. It was released in 1976 and is mainly about a costumed trucker who drove a truck that was extravagantly designed. It was stated that the movie got a taste of good success and triggered the fame of Dekotora all over Japan. During the 70s Dekotora was actually limited within north eastern areas where the fishing transport trucks were situated. It can be that the movie was particularly released in order to pave the way for the popularity of these trucks.

When the 90s came, the art of Dekotora was highly influenced by the patterns of Gundam. The decorations that were associated can also be likened to a mix of both the patterns of modern art and old school designs particularly those that were showcased in the movie Trucker. Moreover, it is very noticeable that the amount of variation in the equipment utilized for Dekotora was pretty much dependent on the taste of the owners and the groups involved with the usage of the truck. The Dekotora trucks that had to be driven on highways in order to ship and transport goods had to pass inspection since the height, weight, and length underwent modifications.

Decals or paint job brought out the character of the Dekotora truck. Cabs were not only painted with solid patterns but also with exquisite and brilliant textures based on pearl, metals, lame, and mica. The frame of the chassis is sprayed with red colors at times and designed with 19th century gatling gun bases commonly found in Europe. The usual concepts for the trailer design were based on the combination of individual ideas and default patterns such as dragons and fairy tale cats and penguins.

Other concepts were also established based on plants and humans. Sakura and peony trees were very common and historical figures and celebrities were sometimes employed. Trucks that were commonly utilized for the seafood industry were designed with waves and fishes. Anime characters and religious symbols were also mainstays in the blueprint of the trucks.

Make a mental note that truck accessories are not only found within the realms of the automobile market and industry. It can also be squeezed out from the unique minds of people that dare to be bold in expressing their individuality and creativity on a very huge canvass.

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