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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Banned AdSense Account

Banned AdSense Account
By Richard Allen

If you are banned from the Google AdSense program then what can you do about it?
Well the first thing to do is find out what you have been banned for. If you have been clicking on your own ads or encouraging others to click on your ads, or even been so stupid as to join one of the forums promoting click fraud (Sadly they do exist), whereby you click on someone else's ads and they click on yours, then sorry but I have no sympathy and it is your own fault you got banned.

Google relies on its income from Google AdWords to make money, and this is what enables AdSense to exist, so Google is honour bound to protect its advertisers from fraud. In clicking on your own ads or getting others to do so then you are committing fraud, plain and simple, and if you were an advertiser that was being defrauded then trust me you would want Google to take action and ban the person committing this fraud, would you not?

However whilst this is the most common reason for getting a ban, it maybe that you have not been clicking on your own ads, nor encouraging others to do so, yet you still get banned. So what do you do?
Well the first thing is to write a polite letter to the AdSense team asking them for more detail as to why you have been banned. They are human and will write back to you even if it takes a while, but do be polite when you write to them even if you are angry, jumping up and down and shouting in an email will not help your cause!

If the ban is due to not meeting their website quality criteria, such as not having a privacy policy then take steps to look at your website and ensure it complies with their quality criteria, making changes such as adding a link to your privacy policy on every page as an example. Then and only then write back to them detailing the changes that you have made, and politely ask if they will consider lifting the ban.
Now you may get a response back, and in general you should expect to hear back within two weeks, but if it takes longer then do not get frustrated or angry and write a letter "Demanding" a response as this is likely to result in the ban not being lifted.

So if you are having problems with a Banned Adsense Account and want to find out how to get your account re-instated, or you just want to make sure you get your application right first time, then visit my AdSense experts site, where you can learn how to get an AdSense account easily approved the first time when Applying For Adsense in just hours if not only a few days.
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