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Sunday, January 22, 2012

JSS Tripler Review

JSS Tripler Review
By Laur A Bundberg

What's the buzz about JSS Triper - Jss Tripler review.
During economical crisis a lot of online marketers have started to look for online marketing businesses that offer safe investments and earn daily revenue. Overall is is a smart way to act to be cautious when looking to invest your hard earned money in online marketing business. On the other hand, the investment programs are popular because these do not require recruiting other people in order to earn money - yes, the recruiting skills are quite hard to learn.

In this review we will take an in-depth look at one network marketing program called JSS Tripler that is offering an opportunity to earn profit totally passively without recruiting or sponsoring anybody.
What is JSS Tripler?

JSS Tripler is a network marketing business that launched in February 2011 as a part of it's mother program JustBeenPaid. We have to keep in mind that Tripler is NOT a HYIP program - in fact it is an advertising program that pays daily revenues to it's members who purchase ad positions.

The "JSS" is an abbreviation of JustBeenPaid Synergy Surf, this means JSS Tripler is a surf program. Surf programs have been around a long time and they basically offer members passive revenue for clicking other members ads, so the concept of Tripler is nothing new.

Big Question is: How has JSS Tripler become so popular? It's worldwide Alexa rank right now is 1791 - this is a sign of huge reputation. One answer may be: JSS Tripler has delivered what it has promised - the safe and lucrative investment without sponsoring requirements.

This is also the reason similar programs have been started to pop up like mushrooms after rain, but none of them has achieved such popularity yet. The other answer: There are millions of people who are looking for ways to make money online but have not learned online marketing skills. Then it is natural that they prefer a program that promises safe way to grow the investment.

How to make money with JSS Tripler?
As the pay plan of JSS Tripler says, the members will earn 2% a day for 75 days per every $10 position purchased. Then the position will mature and earn a total of $15. For every 4 Tripler position a member will earn a free position worth $20 in JSS 2X2 matrix and when the matrix cycles (has 6 positions below it) then the member earns $60. This is how the money is tripled - initial investment to buy 4 positions is $40, earnings from 2% a day are $60 and earnings from 2X2 matrix are $60 - total of $120.

It seems to be quite easy to earn 150% revenue in 75 days with this business, only it is a little bit harder to actually triple the money because not all positions in 2X2 matrix will not cycle. The solution to this is to refer other members to JSS Tripler as their positions will be placed below referrer's positions in 2X2 matrix.
The final thoughts to this review: Tripler is a good business if you are interested in making money while playing safe. We can estimate that this program will be around for long time because the admins have learnt from mistakes of admins of other similar programs to improve the longevity of Tripler. This program is a good place to "test waters" before jumping into the big online business.
Thanks for reading this JSS Tripler review!

Laur A. Bundberg is an online entreprenuer, the owner of a free classified ad site http://OnlineMLMClassifieds.com.
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