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Sunday, January 22, 2012

How SEO Can Help A Home Business

How SEO Can Help A Home Business
By Tom Crowle

Home businesses are increasing in number as a result of the continuing global economic instability and an unwillingness or inability to pay commercial rent and business rates.
Whether a home business is run locally, trades solely via e-commerce or is a mixture of both, it is vital that it has a significant online presence.

Recent research has shown that consumers looking for a particular service are choosing to ignore traditional printed directories such as the Yellow Pages, instead turning online to search for what it is they need.
We are now truly an integrated marketplace. Who's to say we can't quickly and easily source and buy a pair of trainers from the US as fast and cheaply as we could from a UK supplier (and vice versa)? Home business owners who fail to recognise their global market and promote their offerings accordingly, do so at their own risk.

Businesses can now be run from virtually anywhere. Orders can be viewed during a train journey, whilst products can be sourced from the comfort of your armchair.
But unless it chooses to remain as a lifestyle business, an organisation must be able to be found online and differentiated from its competitors if it is to grow and become more profitable.
So how do you ensure that everyone from Salisbury to Seattle knows you sell the best ever individual and unique greetings cards?

SEO, that's how.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essentially a way of attracting search engine spiders and helping you stand the best chance of being among the first organic entries in the Google or Bing return list when someone types in a phrase such as "Handmade birthday cards".

Search engine listings have the potential to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to a website - something which simply wouldn't be possible through advertising in a regional newspaper or distributing flyers.
Any website designer worth their salt will create your site to be SEO focused with specific coding, programming and copy which should feature a number of key words. However, you can carry out some SEO activity yourself by subscribing to a number of online business directories, crafting articles and building up a social media presence via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. All you need to remember is that by including key words in a number of your social media posts, all of your articles and online marketing copy, your search engine rankings will begin to rise - and you'll begin to attract a market which is truly global, rather than local.

By understanding SEO and the way in which it works, your home business can really begin to reach new heights, reaching out and making itself known to potential customers from every corner of the world.
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