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Friday, March 1, 2013

Advantages of Colocation

Are you considering getting into a colocation arrangement? It could be a very wise decision you would take. Colocation would enable any business with limited capital and resources to own an online server at much less costs. The business could own a powerful server machine at half the total price by co-owning it with another company. These days, colocation is gaining more popularity. The reason is quite logical. Here are the main advantages of the arrangement.

Of course, the main advantage of colocation is that the cost of bandwidth ownership and operation is halved. For instance, a low-cost bandwidth DSL line for business grade with limitations may cost just about $150. With the same price, you could enter a colocation agreement with another company so you may be able to enjoy a facility or server with much higher bandwidth speed. This arrangement is more advantageous if online operation is crucial to your business.

You could rely on colocation facilities for better outage protection. During a long power outage, it may be necessary to operate a backup generator. Doing so would enable the server to continue running. If you are in a colocation agreement, your colocation provider would take care of this problem. If you are the colocation provider, you could use the arrangement to lessen the costs your business would shoulder on operating the costly backup generator.

In a colocation deal, the provider and renter co-own the server machinery. This way, if the machine gets too slow or if it lacks enough memory, they could easily, quickly, and simply upgrade that server. There is no need to wait for a third party or for a service provider to come and do the upgrade. More control is rendered to both parties, which is always advantageous.

Both owners of the server also own the server software used. There is no more need to rely on a hosting provider for the installation of tools or software to be used. The colocation provider could do it on its own. If the company decides to use ColdFusion or ASP, it needs to simply purchase and install that software without any hassle.

If there is a need to move, a small business could opt to leave the server up. It would run the entire time. The small business does not need to relocate the server as well. It may remain at the site of the colocation provider. This makes the whole process very convenient and ideal. What’s more? The colocation provider could also opt to bring about additional security for the machine. The server could be stored and at the same time maintained in a highly secured environment.

Most colocation servers are offering services allowing them to manage and maintain a server for an additional cost. This option is specifically useful if a small business does not employ its own reliable IT team. It is also useful if the office of the small firm is physically far from the location of the colocation provider.

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