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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Best Cardio Exercise Equipment Available

What is the best cardiovascular exercise machine available in the market today? Answering this question could be exhilarating and disappointing at the same time. It is because there are just too many cardio exercise equipment commercially out in the market. You surely would be overwhelmed and excited if you would look and try out each of the equipment. Every machine is sophisticated, fashionable, and fun. There are even various brands, each offering different and breakthrough features to outpace and outshine one another.

If you would ask the experts, the best cardio exercise machine would be the one for fat loss. Its functionality and effectiveness would depend on your current shape and weight. Usually, people who aim to lose more than 30 pounds are advised to start by using the popular treadmill. Choose the machine without incline then set a comfortable speed. You could increase it as fat weight is trimmed and cardiovascular efficiency is improved. You could challenge your system by increasing your speed effectively. Eventually, as you go on, you could use the incline function of the treadmill. Doing so would be best if you want to take off those bulges in the hamstring area.

For people who target losing less than 30 pounds, experts usually recommend the cross trainer elliptical machine. This cardio exercise machine is the one that enables movement of the arms. This is also recommended to advanced bodybuilders. Cross trainer elliptical machine stimulates the body’s running motion. However, as it does so, the impact on the ankles and knees are lessened, if not totally eliminated. Results brought about by this particular machine are usually fast because the calories are quickly and effectively burned throughout the duration of the entire activity. Using the machine could burn more stored calories than what the regular treadmill could do.

The recumbent bike should never be overlooked. The equipment could facilitate a very effective cardio workout especially when tension is set to impact the knees. In comparison, the recumbent bike could burn more calories than everyone’s favorite, the treadmill. However, it could burn less calories compared to the elliptical machine. This machine is not the type that experts usually recommend to people who need to shed off more than 30 pounds of excessive weight. Some users attest that using this one is so much fun. It makes the body active and hyper.

Lastly, you may consider the stairstepper. It is a middle-of-the-road choice for people who need to lose less than 30 pounds. However, like most users, you may not completely like the motion involved. This is the type of cardio exercise equipment that you would only prefer to use if there is no other option available. You may notice that not many people use it in the gym. But regardless of its likability, the stairstepper is effective in trimming excess body weight.

You need to use it at a steady tempo within just about 20 minutes to 45 minutes on a daily basis for best results. There is no more need to set high resistance.

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