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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Getting Ripped With P90x Yoga

Yoga was mainly used to improve physical, mental and spiritual condition of the body.  Coming from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite, it aims to unify the individual’s consciousness with that of the universe.  Its movements and poses do not only help in developing focus on breathing and mediation, it could also boost the body’s physical well being.  Thus, become the basis of using yoga as a part of a fitness regimen, like the P90x.

The P90x was a fitness workout was developed by Tony Horton to aid in weight loss and muscle building while at home.  The fitness program in divided into 12 workout units, one is the yoga focused workout.  Horton emphasized on how yoga can develop the body’s balance, strength and of course, correct breathing.

The P90x is considered as an advanced and intense exercise which is often recommended to those who have previous experiences with working out and had passed the “fitness test.”  Yoga poses and motions are performed continuously and freely.  Difficult positions are often performed, but beginners would soon find themselves adapting with it as the program progresses.

Yoga is incorporated in the P90x on the fourth day of the program.  It serves as a break from the high-intensity routines.  However, even if it “slows” down the pace, it does not allow the body to rest.  It is part of the muscle confusion principle which the P90x follows.  According to the muscle confusion principle, a diverse exercise routine would maximize the muscle movement in all of the muscles of the body.

By using or incorporating yoga in the P90x routine, a person would be able to develop lasting endurance and stamina on the body’s muscles.  Muscles would be able to build strength and become more flexible.  For example, when a pose requires an individual to stand on a foot, the weight on that foot would work on the leg muscles building endurance and of course, balance.   A yoga session under P90x usually last for an hour to an hour an a half.

When doing yoga poses, it is normal if you would be unable to perform the exact pose on the first time.  But that is not a worry, since after performing the poses for a few days or weeks, the body starts to loosen up and become more flexible.  You could start reaching those deeper poses while maintaining your calm breathing.   You don’t have to force yourself, but progress based on your own pace.

Aside from getting ripped from P90x through yoga, the exercises you have learned could help you a lot in daily routine or other activities. For example, because yoga helps in breathing, activities connected to it like scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and others would not be too difficult or cause you breathing problems.

Whether you are into the middle phase of P90x or just beginning, it is important to be consistent, willed and determined to get through the program. It could be difficult, but think about the short term and long-term benefits your body would be reaping from it.

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