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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Beginner's Guide To Ice Hockey As An Academy Sport

If you are in college, you probably want to become famous in one way or another. Alright, so you are athletic enough and have been playing hockey for quite a while. Why don't you give yourself a chance to improve your performance in this sport? The best way to do that is of course none other than joining the hockey academy sport team. Yes, colleges often play against other institutions during the competitions and it will open doors for you to all the more enhance your self-confidence and mastery of the hockey skills and techniques.

A Few Pointers to Keep in Mind

It is always best to admit that you are yet a hockey rookie. And so, the more that you should focus on sharpening your skills. It will give you a wonderful feeling to know that your teammates are rendering their all out support for a newbie like you. As a beginner, here are a couple of tips that you can work on.

Take time to observe your team members as they hit the rink for the rehearsals. By properly observing their moves, you are certain to pick up techniques and strategies that you may apply on yourself as well.

Don't get inside the rink to play if you are not yet prepared. Hockey is a game of smartness and precision and your team doesn't have a need for someone who is absentminded or one who doesn't know what to do. You might just end up being hurt because your teammates are moving so fast in their attempt to score.

Because you are still harnessing your hockey skills, you can try on scoring some goals and trying some assists for a start. If you can't aim that precisely, you can always try standing in front of the net while the puck is on the offensive part of the ice. This gives you the chance for rebounds.

You have to understand that every player in your team's goal is to make a score. Therefore, you should all work together to be able to attain those desired points.

Ice hockey is a very challenging game so you have to be really up for it. Your ice skating skills will help you a lot because they are all you need to keep moving in the rink.

The Game Power Plays

In whatever sport you play, chances are you will get a penalty if you take on offensive moves. That is the prime reason as to why your knowledge about the power plays in this game plays a crucial role.

The following are the most common power plays that teams often make use of:

Behind the Net. Playing just behind the net exposes the player to the advantage of seeing the entire ice rink surface. You will be able to get a good look at every single hole on the side of the defense and determine to which player you should pass the puck to.

Playing at the Point. This is a style used to pass the puck to the other defenders on the blue line. The puck is then shot directly in front of the net.

Simple Triangle. This is the most basic power play and often used by the younger team members. The strategy allows the easy movement of the puck as well as more passes.

Always remember these significant insights so you can better enjoy your stay in the hockey academy sport team.

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