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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Is The Winterizing Process?

Winterizing or winterization is used to refer to the process of preparing for the approaching winter.  In the winterization process, there is a need to drain water from different aquatic systems like fountains, swimming pools, and other systems.  This is to remove water so that it would not freeze causing the pipes to break.  Winterizing is crucial in areas where winter and snow covers the ground and the area for a long period of time.

Winterizing should also be performed in cabins, cottages and even in standard homes to prepare for the temperature drop during winter.  Each home is different, which is why there are specific winterization strategies specific to that home or cottage.  Irrigation systems also need to be prepared for the winter.  Normally, winterization will start by the first winter freeze for irrigation systems.  The recommended time for winterization to start in irrigation systems, would when the temperature at night drops to below 32°F.

There are some local requirements by your community council, that winterization would start from October 1 to March 31.  If you are new in your area, you could ask information from a Coordinator to ask about the winterization requirements and details.

Irrigation system could normally stand about a couple of days of freezing temperature.  There are places however that are winterized.  For example, in Toronto, Canada, the Dundas Square is winterized by turning the water off in each of the pipes that supply water to 20 fountains and covering six hundred nozzles.

Aside from homes, gardens and irrigation systems, winter could also be harsh on your car.  Vehicles would also need some level of winterizing.  Low temperatures could affect its operation and physical condition. Cold temperatures could make it harder for the engine to work.  Potholes in roads could cause damage to the wheels and tires.

Boats, swimming pools and even your own diet could use a bit of winterizing and preparing for the winter. Winter could affect the boat’s engine and make it susceptible to corrosion.   With proper winterization of your boat, you could extend its life and engine. There are different tips that could ensure that your boat will run efficiently come the next spring, like keeping the fuel tank full and just leaving a little room for condensation.  Failing to fill the fuel tank, could increase the risk of condensation and lead to clogging and corrosion.

Preparing your home for the winter could be done by the a professional or you could do it on your own.  When getting somebody to do the winterizing for you, make sure that the plumber is licensed and would have sufficient experience to do so.  It is very important to winterize your home, especially if you are leaving for a vacation and will be leaving your home unoccupied over a long period of winter time.

Winterization or winterizing is not only about preparing your properties for the winter, it can also include preparing yourself and your health for the low temperatures.  Winter is not only harsh on your physical stuff, but can also pound on your health.

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