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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tips When Buying A Memory Upgrade For Your Laptop

If you really want to boost your laptops' memory, go for a memory upgrade!  Make sure you do not jump in to any impulsive decisions and hastily buy a computer memory without having to check out all details first. Research on how you will get the memory upgrades most suitable to boost the performance of your laptop.

But before you finally decide on adding memory to your system, make sure you know the appropriate memory your system uses, as well as the module sizes of your laptop's memory and everything that goes with your computer system.

Check How Much Memory You Have

Check your laptop's BIOs or operating system to determine how much memory your laptop really has. For Windows applications, simply go to the Windows' Control Panel and open the System properties. Experts say you also need to open up the case even though the computer is not being used.

Then you must look for the memory slots to find out the exact number of modules installed and how many are still available. Should you find that the slots are still full, you can take some out or if there is less, put on some more. However, you should check for the type of module you are using. It is important that you know if your system can use more and bigger modules.

How Much More Memory Do You Need?

First, check all your application programs as well as the operating system in your laptop. Find out if there is a print saying "Minimum" and "Recommended" or a memory list that on the package or perhaps in the manual. If there is, check the number from the "Recommended" part. Then that gives you enough information before you plan and try getting your memory upgrade for your laptop.

Check The Type Of Memory Your Computer Supports

Browse through the manuals which came with your motherboard when you bought it. There should be a listing of all the specifications as well as the provisions of the type of memory your laptop supports. This is very much important because the list would include the size, the type as well as the corresponding number of memory modules that are there in your system. In case, you have thrown them or simply cannot find them, immediately go to your local retailers and manufacturers of memory chips. They will surely have all these information handy for you.

Decide On How Many Memory Modules You Should Buy

The best thing to do is to buy not so many, but just a few memory modules as possible. Why? Because you are not certain about how much memory upgrade you need to create in your laptop. And this will only make you upgrade for better memory every now and then. Therefore, this brings us to believe that if you have three memory slots available in your system, one has the 1GB module written on it, it would be the best decision to purchase another 1GB module to make it 2GB module now.

This is more practical to the part of consumers since you do not have to buy two of the 512MB modules anymore.

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