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Monday, March 12, 2012

Journeying Through Venice Via The Orient Express

Going to the city of Prague has always been a childhood dream of mine. The place alone is an epitome of natural beauty, richness of culture and diversity. Couple it with a rail journey so luxurious and comfortable as the luxury train rides offered by the Orient Express. Really, nothing could be better than this duo.

Take that journey through Venice and experience the uniquely fascinating architectural tour that will bring you to the city of Venice, Prague and all the way to London. The rail journey takes a stretch of six nights and seven days to get the most out of this exciting voyage to Venice and other several wonderful locations.

Day One of the Venice Expedition aboard Orient Express

On the first day, upon passengers' arrival, you are welcomed at the hotel lobby and shown to your luxurious room. You may spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the city of Venice.

Day Two: Highlights of Venice 2-Hour Guided Tour

On the second day, you will be setting on a guided tour. It is a two-hour group tour right after your breakfast including a group walking tour called the 'Highlights of Venice' where passengers may find out about Venice's famous landmarks as well some of the city's unrevealed secrets.

Day Three: Transfer to Venice Simplon Orient Express

On the third day; however, passengers are motioned to board the Orient Express and enjoy an especially prepared gourmet course upon boarding. The third day will be the last day of stay in the city of Venice and travelers will then be moved to the popular Venice Simplon Orient Express carriage to get off in the evening. While in the carriage, you will have a personal service staff to help you settle in to your compartment comfortably and cozily. And as the train passes across the Venetian Lagoon and sets forth to Northern Italy, you will be called in for a formal dinner especially created by a skilled chef who made a delectable gourmet menu for all the passengers. And if after dinner is over, and you do not feel like sleeping yet, you may always hang around the bar and surrender to your compartment readied and converted into a very cozy bedroom for sleeping.

Day Four: Journeying from Prague to Vienna

Day four of the journey will start in preparation for going to Prague from Vienna. You will be served continental breakfast as you awake at the same time that the carriage comes near Vienna, the capital of Austria. A quick stop it will be. And lunch is served in one of the carriage's restaurant cars before finally arriving at Prague.

Day Five: Free Leisure Day in Prague

The fifth day of this Venice journey includes an early morning tour of Prague's Castle District right after breakfast as well as going to the Strahoy Monastery's library for some entertainment. After which, passengers of the Orient Express return to their hotel for a free day in Prague, considered to be one of the most undoubtedly beautiful cities in Europe.

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