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Monday, March 12, 2012

Caring for Goats in Your Own Backyard

People usually cringe at the thought of thinking about caring for goat in your own backyard, but truth be told, it is not that complicated and dangerous, what is important is to know the do’s and don’ts of goat keeping, especially caring for a couple as pets.

There is practically no issue with caring for goats as pets, since it does not pose as much of a sanitary or hygiene hazard for the community, as long as you know how to regularly keep track of how to care for them and knowing the basics of caring for goats.

Unfortunately, many are not aware that there are no less than hundreds of goat species and most, if not all, goats are being domesticated either for their meat, coat or milk and are generally harmless and do not pose any deadly threat to mankind.

The most threat these goats may have with neighbors in communities are the possible nuisance they could cause, especially with the incessant bleating when they feel the need to feed or be nourished, but other than that, goats are timid and calm animals. But generally, goats are harmless.

Here are some basic tips to look into if you may want to practice goat keeping in your own backyard.

Make sure to create a fence around your goat shelter, setting it up to a standard height, enough to prevent your goats from getting out of their shelter or grazing area.

A tall fence will prevent goats from trying to explore the territory outside their shelter, which goats usually do, since goats are social pack animals and to make sure that if you want to care for one as a pet, make sure to have another one which will serve as a companion. Goats usually feel lonely for periods of time, especially if they are isolated from a herd, which could even prevent them from feeding.

A tall fence also stimulates privacy for your goat farm, especially since it will prevent curious persons from looking into the farm, as well as avoid the fear of other people seeing that there is a goat farm just within the community, but just to be on the safe side, it will not hurt to let your neighbors know that you are into goat – keeping.

A tall fence also provides good protection for the goats from strong winds or drafts, which usually scares goats, thus affecting their capacities and abilities to produce.

As grass and foliage are important to goats, so does water, since goats also need to drink water especially during early spring or during the summer to cool them off, as well as aid in the hydration of their bodies..
Having your own water supply for your goat farm will avoid them from getting into other people’s property just to look for water.

It may be a water can, water supply structure or even an artificial streaming pond, as long as there is water supplied for goats, especially within close proximity from where they are sheltered, will prevent them from exerting energy in looking for water.

Lastly, know the basics of goat care. These are the common and simple things you need to know if you pursue caring for goats in your own backyard.

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