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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why consider postcard marketing

Why consider postcard marketing, is going to be a good question that one would ask. Frankly, if you opt to consider the facts behind the lowly five by three-inch industry standard, then you might be surprised with how much potential postcard marketing will be for your business.

Consider the facts. Postcards, due to it’s minimal production cost, is one of the ways to get the message out to your consumers and prospective market. Basically a standard sized postcard is 35%  - 435% cheaper than regular sized letters or posters.

Postcards also help keep mailing lists clean and updated. One of the biggest benefits of using first class postage for a regular -sized postcard is that it will be mailed back to the sender if it has a bad address, would help update your mailing list.

Postcards, surprisingly, have high impact. This is technically so because letters are sealed in an envelope and the consumer is often faced with the option to either open the envelope or simply throw it away, leaning towards the latter if the customer suspects that it is just junk mail that they are receiving. But with postcards, there’s no envelope to hide the message and it is almost always impossible to throw the postcard away without looking at the message, sometimes even just a glimpse of the texts on the postcards can immediately be comprehended by the reader.

Postcards can be made easily and can be sent with ease. Postcards do not require complicated assembling, stuffing, licking envelopes, collating, etc. and what could be the most difficult part of the process is just setting the postage stamp. Sometimes, it even gets automated, especially if you are using online resources of software that can help you with making and mailing your postcards.

Here are some tips on how to also make your postcards more appealing and attractive.

Always make sure to keep your messages brief and concise and only use your postcard for lead generation.

Never try to explain the details, but just give some teaser information to get your reader hooked to take the next step, be it logging in to your website, calling your office or a toll free recorded message.

Make your postcard look like it came from a personal friend. Make the most out of the vacant or blank spaces to give the reader an irresistible urge to take the next step. You can do this by using catchy phrases that will catch the reader’s attention.

Don’t spend too much on printing. You can simply design, lay-out and print your own postcards using a laser printer. All you need to have is creativity and the basic lay-out knowledge of mixing and matching colors or texts.

Lastly, make sure to make a very good selection of your mailing prospects. A little market research will do and this is where you may want to make good use of your knowledge in how you tailored your product.
Although it is also good to send out your postcards to the most number of people as possible, but the effectivity of your mailing list will also determine the captured market you may end up with as you move on with your postcard marketing campaign.

So why consider postcard marketing? All you need to do is look at the facts and see how it can do wonders for you.

Remember, no matter what type of mailing you’re doing, it’s usually the list that will determine its success. Any in house list will outperform a rented list and if you’re wanting to use a rented list make sure you use a list broker to help you.

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