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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simple Ideas when Making Your Child’s Pageant Dress

Everyone will agree that costumes make children’s pageant memorable and fun to watch. Audience are always having a great time looking at and appreciating clothes and accessories worn by children in such events.

Pageant dresses simply make such activities look more realistic and interesting. If you are a practical and creative parent, you should consider making your child’s pageant dress instead of buying less creative and costly ready-made items at department stores and children’s shops.

The next time your child joins a holiday, Christmas, or special pageant at school or at the community, you should aim to make his costume instead. Doing so will not only be practical and cost-saving, you can also do your child a favor because the pageant dress you will be making will surely fit comfortable in him. You can also make good use of your creativity and dress-making skills. Take such occasions as opportunities to shine and show other parents how enjoyable and great creative parenting can be.

Of course there are numerous pageant costumes and dresses available ready made across the market. However, making the pageant dress on your own will surely score you more points. First, you can show your child and other parents how resourcefulness is effective. Second, you can make your child feel as if the effort is a team activity between you and him. Third, you can save so much money by not buying the expensive pageant costumes available in stores. Fourth, you can finally make use of unused clutters, spare dresses, and other materials in your home.

Here are several effective and simple do-it-yourself ideas if you are intending to make your child’s pageant dress. Take note that you can save so much by using materials that are already readily available within your home.

• If your child needs an angel costume, take a white pillowcase. Cut a neck hole in one side and two separate armholes in two opposite sides. You may put a cloth tie to serve as a belt in the waist area. Another cost-saving idea is to cut a white dress or a simple nightgown so it could fit into the length of your child.

• You could also use a pillowcase when making a king costume. Instead of using a white-colored pillowcase, use one with bolder shade or more light colors to make the pageant costume. A purple, red, or rich blue pillowcase can be very ideal for this purpose.

• To make a shepherd costume, use a terry cloth bathrobe to be tied at the waist area. For the headscarf, use a small towel or a scarf in an appropriate complimentary color.

• For other types of costumes, use your imagination and creativity. Intend to use materials, cloths, dresses, and accessories that are not anymore useful in your home. You can stick with the pillowcase if you are running out of other creative ideas.

Making your child’s pageant dress can be a fun and enjoyable activity. You can even turn it into a bonding, quality moment with the whole family by involving everyone else in the household when making the dress. You can solicit suggestions and ideas from your spouse or other children. Think of how fun the activity can be.

In the end, your child will truly cherish his pageant costume because he will get to realize it was created through labor of love.

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