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Friday, February 3, 2012

Decorative Rain Gauges – Are They Practical?

Rain gauges are the instruments used by the weathermen to measure the amount of precipitation in a given area at a certain time. Meanwhile, some homeowners find it beneficial to mount the instrument in their own abode so they can enhance the beauty of their lawn and garden plants.

Nevertheless, there is what is called the decorative rain gauge. In fact, its popularity has gone far and wide. Several novices and weather aficionados are drawn into these variants. As it basically suggests, this instrument is by nature, decorative or ornamental.

Why it Applies to Homes

If you own a lawn, then you probably want to include something that is both fancy and useful. The decorative rain gauge is one of the most perfect objects that you can add in your front or back lawn. Not only will it be too attractive to look at but it will also serve its purpose during the rainy and stormy days.

This kind of device is just like any other rain gauge particularly when it comes to its function. It will provide you with the measurement of the amount of rainfall either in inches or millimeters for the unit of measurement. Add to it the fact that it will really look good on your lawn.

Other Uses of the Decorative Style

When you want to add a couple of accents to your entire backyard or front yard, deck, patio, or lawn, then, might as well purchase this rain gauge. Sure enough, it will serve its function in these places. Just be sure to mount it in areas that are flat and free from hindrances such as nearby trees, roofs, and other towering structures. You see, your main goal is to be able to measure the precipitation and determine the characteristic of rain. With leaves, debris, or stones that may get into the funnels, the passageway of the rainwater will be blocked. Hence, you will get inaccurate readings.

So much more, this device can also add an authentic touch to your living room. Of course, the purpose of collecting rainwater and gauging its amount will not materialize in this area.

Where to Mount the Measuring Device

Again, similar to the ordinary rain gauges, the decorative one can be planted on the ground. This is so far one of the safest things to do because it will ensure that the surface is flat and the device will be free from vibration that may prompt an irregular data. However, one disadvantage of which is the risk for contamination. Meaning, some leaves or pollens from nearby trees or water dripping from the roof may get into the funnels.

You may also choose to attach it to any higher surface such as a pole or a railing. This is also a good option as a higher spot tends to give out more precise measurements. This can assure you that only rainwater will fall into it and nothing else. Just be certain though that the area is flat.

Your Choices of Rain Gauge Shapes

Since they are mostly decorated in fine designs and attractive styles, there are available shapes that you may choose from. Take a pick from the dog, bird, frog, and flower shapes and designs, to name a few.

Despite the heavy rains, the decorative rain gauge will retain its beauty. So, what more will you ask for?

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