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Monday, January 23, 2012

Top Natural Remedies for Arthritis

By Michael N Martin

A Conditioned Society
It's a shame, but the majority of us are so conditioned into believing that the health care system has all the answers and if they allegedly have no cure or effective treatment, then it doesn't exist. Because of this, few people bother searching for natural remedies for arthritis. However, people's awareness is on the rise.

Whether you want to believe it, the health care and drug industries in North America, are massive moneymaking giants.

It's obvious to me, that a life-long treatment can produce far more income than a cure. Did you know that in 2010 the largest drug companies in North America pulled in a combined 47 trillion dollars off chronic disease alone?

With fact such as this one publicly available, the world's population is becoming more and more educated as to the real state of our society.

Easy Natural Remedies for Arthritis
Good natural remedies for arthritis need to accomplish at least one of these things:

  • Reduce Inflammation/ ease arthritis pain
  • Recover joint tissue, or prevent its loss
  • Prevent arthritis from forming in other joints
  • Or fight the theoretical causes of arthritis

Luckily for us, there are quite a few remedies that accomplish one of these desired effects, some can even accomplish more than one or even all of them.

One of the most commonly used remedies for arthritis, is fish oil. It's also one of my favorite because it is so easy to use and it has a ton of other amazing health benefits. Why is fish oil a natural remedy for arthritis? It's because fish oil is the best source of the fatty acid omega3.

There are two main components of omega3. One is EPA and the other is DHA. DHA is known to be the brain food of the two, while EPA in known to be the stronger anti-inflammatory.

How is omega3 a strong anti-inflammatory? When omega3 is consumed in the recommended amount, it has the ability to suppress the expression of COX-2.

What is COX-2? It is an inflammation creating substance within the body that Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, (NSAID), goal is to inhibit. NSAID do this, but at the price of also inhibiting COX-1 production. This COX-1 suppression effect that NSAID have, can cause a few unwanted side effects. Fortunately, omega3 achieves the suppression of COX-2, but with no side effects and a whole ton of positive health benefits.

Fish Oil Usage
Fish oil can be easily added into your diet by simply consuming a teaspoon (5mL) with two meals of the day; preferably breakfast and dinner. Because fish oil is healthy and side effect free, you can increase the dosage if 10mL a day isn't sufficient.

Because of the quantities of fish oil needed, it is best to buy it in a liquid form and not a capsule. If you find the taste or smell is undesirable, there are quite a few brands that supply unscented fish oil.

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