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Sunday, January 22, 2012

How To Get An AdSense Account

How To Get An AdSense Account
By Richard Allen

AdSense can bring you untold riches if you run it on your website. Indeed many site owners lives have been changed completely with the income that it has generated for them, and will continue to generate for years to come.

So you have looked at the programme in detail, done some basic research on it and realised that as it is contextual advertising that the ads displayed will complement your content and so you now want to go about applying to the AdSense programme and get the code installed on your site as fast as possible right? So what is to stop you from applying right now?

Well quite a lot particularly if you have not done your homework and some research as to what your site needs to feature before you can apply.

Google AdSense is based on their Terms Of Service (TOS), and the website quality guidelines, which many people pay lip service to when they apply and then they simply get reject. And once your site has been rejected is very hard to then get that site approved no matter how many times you re-submit it.

Indeed it is not uncommon to read on an Internet forum that someone has applied five or six times, only to get rejected each time. In the main this happens because people just think Google is being awkward, yet the reality is that the website owner has not made the changes to their website in terms of quality site content, or ignoring the TOS or site quality guidelines. They think by just re-applying constantly that Google AdSense will give them an account, this clearly is not the case as they have a duty of care to their advertisers.

If your site looks no good, then why would you expect them to let you run ads on it? Many people also fall down on basic details such as missing out parts of the application form, which needs a correct fully working email. Likewise your site cannot be "Under construction" - You might finish it next week, but the how are they going to know that when you apply.

I just cannot re-iterate how important it is to get your AdSense application right the first time, it is actually not too hard to do, although nine times out of ten you will need to make some changes to your site, such as making sure you have a privacy policy displayed.

So if you are having problems applying for an AdSense Account and want to find out how to get an account approved in just hours! Not days or weeks, or you just want to make sure you get your application right first time, then visit my AdSense experts site, where you can learn how to get an AdSense account easily approved the first time when Applying For AdSense.
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