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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finding and Choosing Great Embroidery Designs

Embroidery has become a hobby for most of us nowadays. Some do it just for hobby while some do it to earn extra income. Yes, you can sell some of your embroidery masterpieces. But, in order to create marketable embroidered products, you should know what embroidery designs most people would consider buying.

Now, there are lots of ways for you to find great embroidery designs which you could use when creating your embroidery. But, there are only 2 kinds of place where you can find them.

• Traditional. Yes, the department stores, those gift shops, and the prints. These are the places where you can find designs for your next embroidery project. You can go to the malls and your favorite gift shop to look for new patterns. They usually offer exclusive embroidery patterns and designs along with embroidery supplies. If you can’t find any, you can always get the new issues of your favorite embroidery magazine

• Conventional. The good news is that when you can’t find any design from the shops and magazines, you can always go online. There are many embroidery dedicated websites where you can find new embroidery designs. Also available on the Internet are software which let you create your own designs in just a few easy steps.id

So, you know now where to head straight when you think old patterns and designs aren’t giving you the satisfaction anymore. But, wait a minute. Don’t just grab the first design that caught your eye. If you are planning to sell your embroidered products, you must choose the design carefully.

Here are the things to consider when choosing embroidery design;

• Type– Be sure to decide what type of embroidery you are using. This way, you can decide whether the design is suitable to your project or not.

• Style – Consider the style of embroidery you want to use. Like, if you are using Elizabethan style of embroidery, you have to consider whether the design suits the materials used in this kind of style.

• Hand-stitched or machine embroidered? Some embroidery designs will only look good when done using sewing machines while some are great for handworks. So you have to make sure that the design you are choosing will suit your preferred way of embroidering.

The Last Thing to Consider

The cost of the embroidery designs you are choosing is also a big factor that you need to consider before finally grabbing those patterns. Let’s face it; not all embroidery designs are free. And sometimes, the most fabulous and great designs that you love are too pricey. But, worry not. There are still great designs out there that are almost free for you to grab.

The internet is actually where you can find them; mostly, on forums and embroidery online community where members share their designs to one another. There you can find some of the rarest designs; most are original creations of members. You can also ask tips from other members; tips such as where to get free but fabulous designs, where to get cheap but quality supplies, etc. You can also ask for advice regarding a project you are doing.

Having great and very marketable embroidery products rely not only on the quality of the work and how dainty are the pieces. It all comes down to the embroidery designs that you use. After all, it wouldn’t be any dainty without an ingenious embroidery design.

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