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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Colocation Provider

You are actually entrusting your Web server to another company if you decide to get into a colocation service. That is why you should be very careful and cautious when choosing a colocation service provider. You would need a server that is reliable and trustworthy because your IT requirements are at stake. You simply could not choose just about any provider that comes your way.

You should be familiar of certain factors. First, determine if the service is managed or unmanaged colocation. Colocation service is simply more costly than normal Web hosting. But it is something your business needs. Managed colocation is more expensive than unmanaged colocation. That is because the provider is committed to provide everything from tools, software, and applications to maintenance of the server. Unmanaged colocation is less costly but you need to be more technically adept because you would be responsible for your own server usage. However, it could give you more flexibility.

Other factors need to be considered. The first is facility. Know where the server would be physically located. Under a colocation service agreement, you do not need to have a space for storing your server. The provider would take care of it. You would be like renting that space for your co-owned server.

Be particular about the physical infrastructure. You know that natural disasters could inevitably occur. You have to make sure the server as well as all the data contained is always kept safe and free from any physical harm from the environment. The security and access to the server is also important. You certainly would not allow just anyone to get into the location of the server. It is important to be rest assured that the server location and storage facility would only be accessible to authorized personnel all the time to avoid possible sabotage.

Not all online connections are made equal. This is the reason why you should be particular about the bandwidth involved. Look at the IPs or Internet providers involved. If you intend to use features like private name servers, anonymous FTP, or game servers, you need to demand for multiple IPs. Your Web host must be checked so you could determine how many IPs provide servers, and of course at what cost.

Look at support options. This is particularly important regardless of what type of server hosting you use. Make sure personnel working on the servers are knowledgeable, reliable, helpful, and trustworthy. Find out about uptime guarantees provided. It is important that your server host set proper guarantees regarding performance of the Internet connection.

Find out about cross-connect service, which is a more advanced feature that comes with colocation. You could physically co-locate your Web server with a provider while at the same time you get an online connection service through another host. There could be additional costs, called the cross-connect fees.

Lastly, be particular about your colocation contract. Be reminded that the fine print is very important. Do not overlook terms of the service, contract duration, fees, and uptime guarantees.

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