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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Effective Tips to Win Your Child Custody Battle

Getting a divorce is a nerve-wracking experience for a couple, let alone resolving the child custody issues. In most cases, both parents want custody of their children and are willing to give up everything just to win their custody battle. What most divorced or separated couples do not realize, however, is that custody should focus on what serves the best interest of their children.

If you want to get custody of your child, follow these tips to win the custody battle.

• Avoid exposing your children to unhealthy or harmful environments when they are with you. Do you have an affair with another person? Make sure that your children are not exposed to overt displays of affection. Most courts oppose to children being exposed to other relationships too early. And if you really want to win custody of your children, you should spend more time with them as a parent. If you spend more time with someone else rather than your children, you are likely to lose your case.

• Consider where your children want to live. Know their preference and do not coach them on this issue. It would be futile to pursue your custody case if the children prefer to live with the other parent, unless you think it is dangerous for the children to live with your former spouse.

• Be involved with your children’s lives. In doing so, you are more likely to get the judge’s favor. If you leave all the parenting duties to the other parent, then you will lose the custody of your children.

• Keep a calendar for everything. You should know the details about when your ex-spouse was unable to pick up or drop off your kids, when you had the kids, and the events you attended.

• Be flexible to allow room for adjustments. Manage your schedule so that you won’t have a hard time adjusting when your ex-spouse wants to switch weekdays or weekends to spend with your children. Now, if the court asks you why you deserve the custody of your children, you can confidently tell the judge that as a parent, you always make sure that your schedule works.

• Prove why the other parent should not have custody of your children. Keep track if your ex-spouse is involved with your children and is flexible and on time with the schedule. Inform the court if the other parent has a record of past mental health issues or addictions (e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc.) that can affect his or her ability to raise your children. You will also win custody if you can prove that your children are exposed to the other romantic relationship of your former spouse.

• Hire a competent lawyer who can help you win your custody battle. Be honest and open with your lawyer so that you can make the right strategies to get custody of your child.

If you follow these tips to win child custody case, you can rest assured that the court will decide in your favor.

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