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Monday, January 30, 2012

Benefits of Having a Personal Assistant

People who have personal assistants such as politicians, business tycoons, entertainment moguls, company executives and celebrities are literally free from doing daily tasks and can fully concentrate on their jobs and routine because there is somebody who takes care of everything they need.

But, aside from having somebody who can do all the errands, there is more to having a personal assistant. This is having the peace of mind that everything that you need to do and everything that should be done is taken cared of without you doing a single thing except giving out specific instructions.

What do you get from a personal assistant?

Depending on the description of their job, a personal assistant can be considered as the most reliable person around an employer or a boss. This is because he or she does everything in order to make the employer feel less stressed and can concentrate more on the task ahead. The personal assistant does this by ensuring that everything—from office works and other menial tasks—are properly taken cared of.

A personal assistant (PA) is expected to maintain the business, the household, and the social calendar of his or her employer. The PA is expected to do all the scheduling in all appointments for the boss be it in the business or personal life. He or she is also in-charge in making all travel arrangements in local and international destinations while handling all the events and functions of the employer. Since the personal assistant is one of the closest people in the boss's circle, he or she takes charge in various social planning and meetings.

Aside from overseeing personal, office, home and business affairs, the personal assistant is also expected to do public relations and media works for the employer. He or she is also handles all mail matters, writes the correspondences to different people, does the money-matter affairs such as paying the bills, bookkeeping, and maintaining the account, as well as maintaining personal or business files.

The personal assistant also handles the maintenance of private contact database and does the coordination for various business conferences and meetings. She or he also takes charge of menial jobs such as monitoring computer and office supplies, and writing personal invitations, greeting cards and even thank-you notes.

For a personal assistant to become effective, he or she must have at least two to three years of experience as a personal PA either in a home or office set up. The PA must also have at least a Bachelor's Degree, knowledge in computers especially in running basic programs in the computer such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and others, and should possess a strong communication skills, have keen organization skills and displays people skills.

Extra requirements especially for those who will be working with prominent business people is extensive knowledge in the etiquette when it comes to social, business, and personal aspects, have a strong professional attitude and moral outlook, must have professional bearing and should be fit to travel in case the boss needs to send him or her to a certain destination.

Other benefit of having a personal assistant is that you can rely on somebody on the things that need to be done. And if you are nice enough to the PA, you might have a personal companion and a friend who you can trust in times of need.

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